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Joe 2 years ago
This cunt needs a punch in the mouth. Stupid bitch
Name 2 years ago
What's her name?
love pounding 2 years ago
He should have RAMMED that dick in her...This video sucked..he wasn't fucking her..he was playing with that pussy..I would've been like..Base that bitch out in me
Late guy 1 year ago
They actually have great chemistry. Despite it not being good for our entertainment, they undoubtedly enjoyed each other. On a spiritual level
Steve 10 months ago
I liked the vid. It didn't seem fake and scripted conversations in most vids. She's a little feisty but tolerable.
Hugh Janus 1 year ago
anyone know her name ? fucking hot !!
AlexReapper 2 years ago
She likes to laugh and to talk. Not to fuck.
Horrible video! Too bad, cause she have a nice body!
Maybe you will make another video when she will be in the mood!
1 year ago
For being not the best video, he didn’t do too damn bad but could of had a better partner. A few positions would be nice to try
Fuck 2 years ago
I wanna fuck now
Shelly shell 2 years ago
She is stupid keep smacking him and see when he bust your mouth open and punches you in the mouth Like your a guy on the street no respect for a women at all these young girls are really stupid fucking around with black guys that don’t give a fuck about them they just want the pussy then down the road Or to mix bread there big gold star in life to knock up a Stupid White girl with no self respect. Who would even fuck there ugly ass Any ways a skank bitch getting paid money For her CUNT sad